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Let’s be truly honest, the ultimate ingredient for an ideal runcation is a perfect group of runners. Ideally from around the world, ready to stretch their running limits, share their experience and enjoy the runs, they will in the end share an unforgettable adventure together.

That’s why we display here what they think about our runcations. Because there’s a pretty big chance that this is what you’re gonna feel when you’ll join us.

Select your trip and read the opinion and feedback of the people that signed up before you!

The Villa they chose is simply amazing. 200m from the beach, an immense garden to chill out around the beautiful pool. And most of all, a big classy house.

— Julie Brett – London, UK

I was preparing for a SUB-2H40 marathon, and my sister never had done an half marathon. We both managed to go beyond our limits. I enjoyed every little extra challenge, and it gave me an excuse to eat all the food!

— Fren-Mark banes – Houston, Texas

This amazing moment where you arrive at the wonderful Château de Valmy, its castle and its vineyard, is simply fascinating. Will my drone shoot better pictures ever ?

— Rebekah MacKay – NYC, USA

Who wouldn’t dream of living in Collioure, this medieval town by the sea, these little colorful streets, art everywhere…and all the French food there.

— Abigail Murray – NYC, USA

Each stage was organized around a castle and/or a vineyard. We took a huge shoot of culture while running a high weekly mileage. I’ve got enough souvenir photos for my whole life.

— Tomas Fuster – Argentina

I was preparing for a 100miles a few weeks after Albera’s runcation. I can definitely say that I built a lot of strength and that Pablo & the other guides did everything to push my limits. I was also able to run some slower parts with my husband and take it easier.

— Matthew Freitas – Boston, USA

I can’t believe we were able to harvest the grapes and to actively participate in the wine-making process. A dream come true.

— Benoit Grenier – Montreal, Canada

Food, food, food, & running. If I was amazed by the paths we took during this week and the variety of landscapes, the food they prepared for the whole week was simply amazing. Wish I could bring back all this cheese to the US!

— Marigold Banes – Houston, USA

This trip allowed me to discover my own country of origin. So many places that I didn’t know, hidden marvels and a huge panel of panoramas. Out of the clichés about Morocco, I recommend this trip to everyone that wants to go beyond the image of “touristic and sandy”  Morocco, and discover on of the most beautiful countries in the world.

— Hicham  Berrada – Paris, France

Marrakech, the  Sahara Desert, snowy mountains and its hidden villages. They gave us all in one week. My favorite moment was the run in the canyon, I never felt that small. Special mention for the cultural approach: we felt very comfortable with  local people, and we felt that they did too. We shared a lot and it was a great plus.

— Kevin Allec – Marseille, France

Shoot out to this wonderful idea: running 3 to 5 hours per day in unbelievable places is what I want everyday! And these guys managed to give me that, along with great Tajines to refuel, and some activities to put my mind out of running. Wonderful.

— John Capri – Los Angeles, USA

I did half of the full stages and half of the short versions. The organization is very flexible and Pablo reassured me before the trip about my capabilities. I did enjoy  as much  as the others and didn’t lose the best views. Now I want to get in better shape and make a full one next year!

— Serena Formica – Seattle, USA


There’s simply not a better combination than hard running and Thai massage, which we had 3 times this week.

— Sebastien Pegaz, Paris, France

Amazing scenery. The scalable stages allowed me to push my limits. I always started the day with  the short version in mind, and always went for the full one. It was a very  good preparation for my marathon 1 month after.

— Hassen Kassad – Hong Kong

My first trip to Asia. We were very  far from all the cliché we can have about Thailand. Far from mass tourism and deep down in  the jungle, this trip allowed me a full break from my corporate life.

— Marie Alexia Leleu – Bordeaux, France

Pablo kept repeating that the purpose of this trip was simple: thai food, thai massages, thai jungle, thai tribes. We got a load of that, and I want it again! Memories and Pad Thai for a lifetime!

— Kevin Allec – Marseille, France

Unique atmosphere when you pass the evening with a bunch of people you barely know, deep down in a jungle, with Thai tribes. Instant connection and so much to share with a wonderful group.

— Michael Lenz – Switzerland

2020 trail run in Thailand was a wonder experience of beautiful land, people, culture and food. Each days run was a wonderful experience of outdoors of the region with a great group. Can’t wait to do it again. I enjoyed each days run even though I rolled an ankle on my first day out. Was still able to complete a run each day with the group. Highly recommended.

— Mark Schmafeld – New Jersey, USA

I only had run a couple of half-marathons before. I trained 1 month semi-intensively to get back to my best shape: I was able to run all the miles of this trip, always  accompanied by a guide. 

— Marie Alexia Leleu – Bordeaux, France

The nights with the Thai tribes were the best experience of my life. The local guide is taking care of one of the little disabled girls there and it opens up the doors to the tribe’s life. We were there for Chinese new year’s and it was amazing. That is local immersion!

— Hicham Berrada – Casablanca, Morocco

My 2nd expedition with Albera. After France, I went to Thailand  to test a different kind of trip. Less luxury and more deep jungle. Up to 5-6h on the trails everyday  for the  long  versions. I can say  that it was really challenging, and helped me a lot for the biggest race of my life 4 weeks later.

— Karen Wei – Hong Kong

Pablo, Pierre and their local staff have been the best host ever. They took care of every details so we could run the miles, eat the cheese and drink the wine.

  Jordan Emma – London, UK

I had never done trail running before, only road. Despite a few marathons, I was hesitating on signing-up. I was about to miss what is up until now my best personal experience.

 Becca Burns – London, UK

100% recommended running vacations. Pablo, Pierre & the team took care of everything so we could enjoy running and discovering this beautiful Mediterranean Coast. Most of all, they managed to organize perfect itineraries to combine the different expectations of the runners.

 Brad Seiler – NYC, USA

Accommodation-wise, a classy French style Villa was the perfect accommodation for the week. The pool was amazing. And the night in the mountain hut gave a huge plus to the group cohesion.

 Fren-Mark Banes – Houston, USA

Discovering South of France through running was amazing. Incredible stages. One important part of this trip was also the food: I had some of the best meals of my entire life, with a dedicated chef directly at the Villa.

 Renan Kobayashi – Brazil

Never in my life had I seen such a variety of nice views and environments. The guys threw us the perfect week!

 Becca Burns – London, UK

Even if I was used to high mileage, this week met all my expectations, and my friend’s. All stages had optional challenges that pushed my limits.

 Allison Nicole – Houston, USA

1 high peak, the snow, 3 amazing coastal tracks, 5 different castles, amazing vineyards and olive trees along the coast. Even with the short versions of the stages, I managed to have a full view of this amazing area

— Anh Dink- Houston, USA