South Of france

Where it all began

Our South of France Expeditions are our flagship runcations. The entire idea for Albera Expeditions is born here, on the trails we’ve run our whole lives. Now we have 4 expeditions from Morocco to Thailand. But here, in the South of France, is where it started.
This geographically diverse region has everything a runcationer could dream of. You’ll run along the impossibly blue Côte Vermeille, traverse the highs and lows of the Pyrenees, tread through villages and cobbled street, soak your legs in the refreshing Mediterranean Sea, and fuel up with amazing French food and, of course, recover while sipping wine in rolling vineyards. 

Get ready to push your limits everyday on 20k stages featuring steep optional challenges. You’ll be rewarded at every turn and leave with a full understanding of French Art De Vivre.

Price: $2,200 / Early Bird: $2,000 / Deposit: $500

Length: 8 days, 6 stages

2021 dates: Sept 11-18

Expedition's overview

  • Transfers from/to Barcelona (biggest nearest airport) and all local transportations
  • 8 days, 7 nights
  • 6 runs and ascents fully guided and supported, 90% of single track trails
  • 120km, 3000d+ (ajustable for all levels) around Pyrenees and Mediterranean sea
  • Wine tasting (because it’s France), Yoga class, boat trip, stand-up paddle and a full blend of activities
  • 6 nights in unique traditional Villa Jaume in Le Racou
  • 1 night in mountain hut

The itinerary

Barcelona running trail

You'll land in Barcelona, the biggest nearest airport, and will meet the rest of the group at the airport or in the city.
You'll be transported to The Villa, in France, for a welcoming buffet featuring everything that French gastronomy has to offer.
You'll get acquainted with The Villa, typical luxury French house of the 19th Century and will be given all the details for the week.
NO RUN - optionnal shakeout


The first stage will get you acquainted with the small and beautiful Côte Vermeille. Running up the terraced vineyards, you'll gain altitude to overlook the area: medieval towns, ports, vineyards and the beautiful rocky coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Running down, you'll enjoy a coastal trail, to end up in a vineyard, 50m away from the sea, enjoying your lunch, and a well deserved sea bath.
Run: 13-20k - Single track trails
Meals: BLD

Running in the vineyards

This stage will be the flatest of the week.
After an initiation to Stand Up Paddle, you'll depart directly from the villa, you'll run through a typical small port, along the beach, and enter an old French village. You'll end up in a vineyard, where you'll be able to experiment the harvesting and wine-making: this is local immersion.
Run: 10-17k - Road and single track (50/50)
Meals: BLD

French medieval town trail running

On this day, you'll be able to rest your legs, or so you think.
We will get up early to travel for a 2 days trip in the mountains. After a 1h drive, we will spend the days in mountain medieval little towns. You will get to know more about this particular region's history. Getting acquainted with French Medieval times, though steep walks. A full blend of activity in your legs, we will get higher in the mountains to spend the night in a mountain hut.
Run: Optionnal shakeout / steep walks
Meals: BLD

Trail running ridges Pyrenees

After a night in a mountain hut, we will start going down the Pyrenees ridges, that are the border between France and Spain. Featuring a view of the whole area (and all of the stages of the week), this descending long stage will allow you to shake your legs, and to cross a border 25 times in 2hours. The finish line couldn't be more comfortable: a buffet will await you by the pool at the Villa.
Run: 23k - descending single track
Meals: BLD

Cadaques bay trail running

After a day of playing with the border, you will be able to cross it to enjoy an iconic stage of this trip: run along the rocky coast of the Cap Creus, and finish your stage in the most beautiful Spanish town: Cadaques.
The white dream's town, City of Dali will welcome you for a typical Spanish lunch and an afternoon of leisure in this paradise.
Run: 13-20k - Single Track
Meals: BLD

Collioure running France Cote Vermeille

After visiting the most beautiful Spanish town, why not doing the same with the French version? Going up the mountains to earn your views of the coast, you'll run by 2 medieval mountain chapels. You'll go back down to end up on a coastal trail that will lead you to Collioure: the French jewel.
Inside a small bay, you'll enjoy the 2 royal castles, the big church in the middle of the sea, and get to know why this town inspired many of the painters of the 20th century.
Run: 13-20k - Single Track
Meals: BLD


It is unfortunately time to say goodbye. Transports will get you to Barcelona. In case you want to visit the city, you'll be provided with tips from the local team!
Run: no run
Meals: B

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Every stage is adjustable and has a short and a long version (+ some extra challenges along the week).

Once we’ve said that, if you want to enjoy all the stages at it’s fullest, you should be able to run an half-marathon.

We can help you preparing this trip: a running and  strength build-up program, along with 2-3 runs in the trails should be enough for you to enjoy the full experience.

Travel Insurance: it is mandatory, and now more than ever. Insurance should cover cancellation, and it should cover against personal accident, medical expenses and emergency repatriation. Even if France is a very welcoming country in this aspect.

For US, UK and EU travelers, no visa is needed. For others, we advise you to check on your country embassy’s website. Please note that the travel will take place both in Spain and France.

You will have to take your flights to and from Barcelona. This is the biggest nearest airport with connections to the whole world.

From the moment you land in Barcelona, to the moment you will take off: everything is included. All the transportation, the food, the wine, the activities are part of the package.

Your flights to and from Barcelona. We can hook you up with a travel agency if needed.

Travel Insurance: it is mandatory, and now more than ever. Insurance should cover cancellation, and it should cover against personal accident, medical expenses and emergency repatriation. Even if France is a very welcoming country in this aspect.

During the trip, we give you some autonomy to enjoy some areas on your own: every extra activity is not covered.

Our France trip is the most comfortable of all: 6 of the 7 nights are spent in a wonderful Villa, typical of the 19th century, with a swimming pool, 200m away from a beautiful beach. Unless you pay an extra, you will share your room with another participant.

We will also spend 1 night in a mountain hut, that is not as comfortable, but has everything that we need to run the next day!