Can I come to an albera expedition?

At this point, you might have a lot of questions about your ability to come and join us in one of our adventures. Or you might try to find excuses not to take the plunge of going to your first runcation.
You’ll find here the answers to most of your interrogations. 
Then, you can have a view on our testimonials. After that, if you’re still hesitating, contact us and we will be happy to answer your interrogations.

I’ve Never Run In The Mountains, Can I Come ?

As long as you consider yourself a runner, we’ll give you the opportunity to face the challenge. May that be training program ahead of the expedition, our scalable runs, or collective motivation: you definitely will be empowered to achieve every of our expedition

I’ve Never Had A Running Week, Can I Come ?

Our motto is that true transformation happens outside of your comfort zone. We’ll encourage you to stretch your limits and challenge yourself. Repeating the efforts will not be easy, but in the meantime we’ll provide you anything to reach your goals: adjustable stages, amazing meals featuring local cuisine, comfortable and typical accommodations.

I Don’t Speak The Local Language, Can I Come?

Our guides speak fluent English, French and Spanish. The locals guides speak the local languages.
Generally, our groups end up speaking English all the time, but however your origins, you’ll definitely finish the expedition knowing more about the local language, as well as the one of your Albera buddies.

I’m Thinking About Traveling Alone, Can I Come?

You definitely should. Our transformational expeditions are designed for adventurers, who like to discover the unknown. These experiences can be fully enjoyed alone, however you’ll probably end up enjoying the runs and the activities with your Albera buddies.

Running Is Not My Only Travel Expectation, Can I Come ?

We’ll never stress it enough: our runcations are a way to discover local environments and truly belong there. We will allow your local immersion by providing you typical accommodations, cultural activities, all along with local guides & entourage.

An Albera runcation is based on 3 pillars:

  • epic runs with amazing scenic views
  • local cultural immersion
  • full blend of activities

The typical day is built around a 3-5h run. Around that, you will be able to enjoy your afternoons in the local encironment. You will also get to know this group of runners, coming from all around the world.

If this answer depends mostly on the destination, you can be sure of one thing: you will have all the comfort you need to run the miles.

In France, we mostly stay in the same luxury Villa because the area allows us to have very little transportation. This is the most comfortable setup you can dream of. 

In other countries, the trips are itinerant, and you will stay every night in 2 types of accommodations:

  • local lodges / hotels that will bring you the comfort and kindness of the local populations
  • out of the ordinary local accommodations (tribes, tents in the desert…)

For 2 reasons:

  • it is much easier if you do it. All the tools like Kayak or Skyscanner allow you to have all the informations you need.
  • You can organise your trip as you wish: if you want to come early or leave later, you will be provided with all the local tips to discover the area

The meals served in all of our trips respect 3 conditions:

  • they will give you all the energy you need to run the miles
  • they will give you a full view of the local gastronomy (hello France)
  • they wull respect all your alergies and restrictions, as long as you tell us beforehand

A full detailed list will be provided to you a few weeks before the trip.

Nothing out of the ordinary is in this list: trail running shoes, 3 full gears and a trail running bagpack is mandatory.

For 2021, we updated our policy: you can register for free before we definitely confirm the trip (if health / travel conditions allow it).

Once you’ve paid for the deposit, it will be non refundable unless we cancel the trip on our side. We ask you to take a travel insurance to cover for everything that could happen on your side.