About Us

What is albera expeditions

Albera is a one-of-a-kind runcation boutique, thoughtfully designing the trail running adventures of your dreams. Combining local knowledge to global mindset, we create the most unforgettable expeditions and commit to offer you unique running itineraries along with cultural immersion.

What is an Albera Runcation

These running vacations are not a competition but a way of challenging your running limits, and reach the summit of your personal development while discovering a new country and culture.
Amazing runs, fulfilling activities and local immersion are the 3 pillars of Albera’s runcations.

How it works

We organize – you run!
From the moment you will set foot on your runcation, until the last (emotional) second of your trip, you will only have to take care about enjoying and live the experience. We take care of the local food, logistic and support for all the runs. We organize daily outdoor and cultural activities to make this expedition unforgettable. 

What you will see

Our multi-stages, adjustable runcations will take you through mountains, coasts, valleys, and plateau in the most beautiful regions of the world.

You will see what only the locals can see. You will live what none tourist is able.

Who we are

From two brothers to a handful of adventurers!
From two brothers in love with their homeland and fond of trail running, the team grew up to a handful of adventurers, always ready to share their passion with peers from all around the world during.
In any of our trips, you will follow us along with local guides.

Who you are

Traveler, executive, globe-trotter, passionate, you are a RUNNER.
All level runners are welcome. We adjust the mileage and make it runnable for every one of you.
If, when reading “run, eat, drink, rest” you naturally add “repeat”, this Adventure is for you.

Meet our team

Meet the people behind your lifelong dream expeditions

Pablo Parra Albera Expedition
Pablo Parra

Co-Founder and guide

Professor of economics and working in Finance in various big cities, Pablo chose to drop his corporate life to come back to its roots: trail running and out of the paths itineraries to discover the world.

Pierre parra

co-founder and guide

Traveling the world for work during more than 10 years, Pierre ran in countless cities across the 5 continents to become the amazing road runner he now is. Adding trail running to his preparation led him to high performance.

Rebekah mackay

Head of Content and guide

Runner kid, Rebekah graduated from Syracuse with a scholarship due to her great performance in cross country.  Content creator for a big corporation, Rebekah decided to combine her two passions: capturing the moment in amazing running sceneries. 

Youa Xiong

Partner and guide

Youa has  been running forever. And it seems that she’s gonna stay here for a moment. Long distance runner, she’s the kind of woman that would laugh out loud 2 minutes after a 100 miles race. That makes her the  perfect runcation companion.